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MBS Family Farms celebrates 40 years with family, friends and the public

There was something for everyone on Wednesday evening at MBS Family Farms Open House.

Council question: Is it time for a city administrator?

Dealing with the issues from the past is getting in the way of where Nashua needs to be was discussed at Tuesday evening’s City Council meeting.

Turnout for Color Run drops but fun doesn’t

The positive on Saturday is that families had a blast running together.The downside was there were fewer of them taking part in the annual New Hampton Industrial Park Color Run.About 70 participants took part in the 5K run and walk, which was abou

‘Wouldn’t think of missing it’

It’s been a 30-year tradition for Ron Nelson.If it’s the weekend after Labor Day, the Fulton, Ill., man will definitely be in New Hampton, and even after the weather for the Davis Rally in 2016, Nelson had no regrets spending a few days in his hom

Area endures another round of flooding

The frustration in Dustin Rolando’s voice came through loud and clear Friday afternoon.Rolando serves as the county engineer for Chickasaw County, and early last week, he felt like the county’s road crews were finally  “getting ahead” when it came

Enrollment may hold its own

Anyone who doubts that our society is much more mobile these days should have talked to New Hampton Superintendent Jay Jurrens last week.“Yesterday, we were two up, and today we’re one down,” he said when asked about how the school’s enrollment nu

Cat in the Hat makes an appearance

Students enjoyed their early out from school on Wednesday with a Dr. Suess day at the Upham Memorial Library in Fredericksburg. Kids were first invited to attend the viewing of The Lorax in the library and then listened to Dr.

New director oversees changes at the library

Carrie Becker couldn’t help but smile as she talked about her first three months on the job as the New Hampton Public Library director.“They’re probably wondering what I’m doing,” she said with a smile.

Davis Rally is key for the Boy Scouts

Just from a numbers’ standpoint, the Davis Rally is a godsend to New Hampton’s Boy Scouts troop.“To take 17 boys to camp next summer is going to cost close to six grand, and without this, that would be tough to do,” Troop 48 Scoutmaster Tony Trowe

Parts of county receive over three inches of rain

Rain moved through the Northeast Iowa Friday morning, giving the area yet another soaking it didn't need. The northern part of Chickasaw County received three inches of rain, sending water over roads.

Farmers praying for some dry weather as harvest nears

An ISU Extension agronomist remains optimistic about this year’s corn crop, but he also knows area farmers want the tap turned off.“We’ve had plenty of rain,” said Terry Basol, who is based in Nashua, ”and we could use some drying out.

Council will wait to deal with grievance

The New Hampton City Council discussed a grievance procedure that was brought to the council by New Hampton City Police Officer Doug Eagan.A contract offered to the police officers of New Hampton that states when an opening in the schedule forms,

Same song; different day

Maybe, just maybe, Chickasaw County dodged a proverbial bullet.Still, enough is enough, Mother Nature. Dry out.

Fair gets almost perfect weather

Big Four Fair Secretary Nancy Hillesheim looked out at the fairgrounds Sunday and the smile was a proverbial mile wide.“If you can’t have a good fair with weather like this, then you just can’t have a good fair,” she said.

Stunning transformation

Rick Kramer stood on the Garnant Pond dock, and his mind wandered back to a year ago.“Things have changed a little bit,” the New Hampton Parks and Recreation director said in what can only be classified as a grand understatement.Things have change

Numbers show it was wet summer

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Chickasaw County endured a wet summer; after all, most of us are still mowing our grass at least once a week.That’s the anecdotal evidence of how wet we were during what weather forecasters call “met

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