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A summer investment

Lead Summary

Ellie Ewert can tick off the advantages of summer golf in rapid succession.There’s the competition, the chance to play other courses, the ability to fine tune that game and then there’s the best part of summer golf ... the weather.“Let’s be honest,” Ewert said with a laugh, “we don’t always have the nicest days in the spring around here so it’s really nice not to have to worry about if you have enough layers on when you head out to the course.”But make no mistake about it, Ewert and her fellow New Hampton teammates believe the investment in summer golf will come with a payoff next spring when the Chickasaws take the course for the 2017 season.“I love golf so I’d play anyway,” said Ewert, who is about to embark on her senior year at New Hampton, “but to play in tournaments, to play other courses, I know it’s going to help me.”Her coach, Eric Olson, certainly believes so.“Getting out there, playing competitively and doing it on other courses besides your home one ... all that’s huge,” Olson said. “I love that we’ve had so many players step up and play over the summer.”New Hampton boys coach Bill Glenn echoes Olson.“If you put the clubs away after the last meet and don’t pick them up again until March,” Glenn said, “you’re not going to get any better. Summer golf is absolutely critical.”For the full story, please see the Aug. 16 Tribune.

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