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Words to live by as we celebrate Thanksgiving

It’s become a bit of a tradition on this page to celebrate holidays by giving our readers words about whatever celebration is upcoming.So with Thanksgiving a mere two days away, here are some words — some thoughtful, some just plain old fun — on T

Shop local and support your hometown businesses

The good news is that plenty of American retailers have finally gotten the hint when it comes to Thanksgiving Day shopping.Plenty of those big box stores have decided that the bad publicity of making their employees work on the holiday is just not

Music parents appreciate community’s support

We would like to send out a big thank you to everyone who supported the New Hampton Music Parents concession stand at all of the New Hampton home football games this year.

Let us all celebrate American Education Week

This week, we are marking the 95th annual observance of American Education Week.American Education Week is always celebrated the week prior to the week of Thanksgiving.

Those play lessons will serve cast and crew very well

I threw a question out at the cast and crew of “The Trial of the Wicked Witch” last week.Basically, it came down to this, “Why the play?”And one of the actors told me it all comes down to “conditioning.” Say what?Here’s the full answer I got from

Election shows just how good our area is

We know most of you are glad the election is over because after about the zillionth political advertisement, we finally lost it.Our favorite reaction came when we overheard this gem: “I can’t wait to see a herbicide commercial again.”But the conte

The week gone by shows why we should all embrace life

There are weeks in this business that can’t end fast enough, and then there are weeks like the one I am just coming off.I’ve been in one of those “poor me” moods as of late, and even though most of the reasons I’ve been fighting the blues are self

Make it a special Veterans Day this year

Friday is Veterans Day, and if history is any indication, there will be decent-but-not-overly-large crowd gathered at the Chickasaw County Veterans Memorial at 11 a.m.

Do the right thing, cast a vote today

After what seems like years — OK, it has been years when it comes to the presidential race — Election 2016 will finally come to an end today when those of us who haven’t voted early will head to the polls.The sad fact, however, is that many of us

Monthly comments from New Hampton Mayor Deb Larsen

Our next compost pick up is Nov. 4 and compost and brush is Nov. 18. Remember not to rake leaves into the street.Congratulations to Courtney and Trent Lechtenberg on the birth of their child.

Don’t let outsiders pick our state senator

Yet another outside group has come to our locale to help you make up your mind as to who should be your state senator.Recently, I was informed that not only are Des Moines’s Jimmy Centers and his Priorities for Iowa, Inc.

Stokes is a person of integrity that Iowa needs

I am writing in support of Stacie Stokes for state representative. I have known Stacie for over 30 years.  She is a person of integrity.

Fellow senator asks voters to re-elect Wilhelm

I urge voters in Senate District 26 to re-elect an outstanding public servant, Senator Mary Jo Wilhelm, one of the hardest working and most respected members of the Iowa Senate.Among the many reasons to re-elect Senator Wilhelm is the senator’s su

Why can’t third-party candidates get a seat at the debate table?

Thanks to a mostly colluding media, you likely don’t know that there are actually five Iowans who are on the ballot for the US Senate race: Republican Charles Grassley and Democrat Patty Judge of course, but also Libertarian Charles Aldrich, as we

Tupper appreciates the support his hometown has given him

A little more than 16 years ago, I walked in to Mrs. Nosbisch’s kindergarten class for the first time.

Supervisor makes his case for Holthaus

I strongly endorse Rick Holthaus for Chickasaw County Supervisor, District 1.

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