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Neighbors make for a month to remember

 There is a great Chinese proverb that reads, “A good neighbor is a priceless treasure,” and boy oh boy, we have a lot of priceless treasures in and around Chickasaw County.This past month proved that when our area was deluged by Mother Nature.

Vacation time marks the end of summer

By Jennifer LantzOf the ReporterThe ending of our family vacation meant a new way of life for all of us which we did not realize when we booked it.

Sporting events just won’t be the same without the Courier’s Sully

Josh Fenske hit a sharp one-hopper to the Denver second baseman and sprinted to first base.If the Cyclones turned a double play, they’d be out of the inning; if they didn’t, New Hampton would score its first run of the Class 2A substate game.My so

If you don’t succeed, try, try again

For anyone who doubts the perseverance of Chickasaw County residents, we offer last Thursday evening as a rebuttal.That’s the night that three New Hampton businesses — the Blue Iris, Josie’s and Butch’s — put on the second Classic Night in a month

Floods show we have some great neighbors

As bad as parts of New Hampton were hit by floodwaters on Tuesday night, those of us in the city who went to bed early Wednesday morning may have figured Chickasaw County had dodged a bullet.We couldn’t have been more wrong.While we got plenty of

Farm Bureau offers up nutrient reduction ideas

We have done some research and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency gives great ways in which both farmers and non-farmers can help with nutrient reduction in our water sources.A few that stood out were• Construct waterways and buffer strips to

There is plenty going on at the library

September is fast approaching and with it will come lots of excitement at the New Hampton Public Library.At the top of the list will be the unveiling of our new carpet.

Foundation members have a ‘can-do’ spirit

Maybe the lesson in the recent saga of the New Hampton Municipal Airport is this: One does not need to take no for an answer.OK, nobody came right out and told New Hampton Airport Foundation Board members Dan Scott and Jason Lahmann “no,” but ther

Let’s be safe as our kids head back to class

The 2016-17 school year starts next Tuesday at New Hampton Community Schools and at several area school districts.A day later, St.

It’s time to walk the talk

Rest assured, City Council meetings are not episodes of the “Jerry Springer Show” as media reporting may lead you to perceive.If you follow your local government by Nashua Reporter articles, you may be misconstrued regarding the effectiveness of y

Faith has never been more important for former N-P coach

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.Matthew 5:4I sat down at a meeting Monday night, pulled out my phone and saw the Facebook post from Ben Jass.“It’s with a heavy heart, that I announce that Morgan has passed.

Olympics remind us to cherish every win and every loss

Well it is finally here, the Olympics!

After a ‘stay-at-home vacation,’ it’s time to get back to work

No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one.— Elbert HubbardI have been back from vacation for a solid 90 minutes, and it’s probably not a great sign that I’m ready for my next one.Now, don’t get me wrong.I, 99.9 percent of

Any way you look at it, FCMG contract is a bad one for school

If you missed the July 18 New Hampton School Board meeting then you missed the “best contract ever meeting.”  None of the teachers, principals, or the superintendent have this great of a contract!

Here’s to all who made it one great July

July is historically the hottest month of the year here in Chickasaw County, but it wasn’t only the temperatures that made it a sizzling month around here this year.Instead, the people who do so much to make this a great place to live, work and pl

Kids with the right attitude make working a ‘few games’ worth it

In the summer of 2004, I was just a few months into my job as the editor of the Forest City Summit.It was late July, and I needed a story for our sports section so I spent a few hours at the Waldorf Team Camp, a basketball bonanza that included 40

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