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Vacation time marks the end of summer

By Jennifer LantzOf the ReporterThe ending of our family vacation meant a new way of life for all of us which we did not realize when we booked it. Going on vacation was a quick last minute decision but we finally got everything planned and booked a month before we left.Between work and family it was time to take a week off and enjoy the time together.When the day finally came to leave of course we were rushing to get everything ready, packed to get on the road but there was a detour before going to the cabin now.We had to stop in Eldora so our daughter could pay a water deposit, sign a lease and a contract for her new job.When we planned this vacation we did not know that our daughter would be moving the same week.I knew she had applied at camps but this time of the year we had no idea that she would get the job a day before we left.The long weekend was a great get-a-way but then we had to face reality and get Samantha moved so we packed up three vehicles and moved all of her stuff down, not her yet though since we a family camping trip with Jason’s family.This had been planned since Christmas and everyone was looking forward to seeing each other again and enjoying the weekend.Luckily we did not have to drive so far this time since we all camped at River Ranch.This is close by and easy to go into town to get some things we forgot the first time around. Jason’s parents and four of the five brothers and their families made the reunion and we had a great time. Everyone got to wish Samantha well and good luck on her new job and apartment.Getting back to the real world snuck on me and before I knew it Samantha had to leave for her first day at camp as a Food Service Director.This is a great opportunity for our daughter and we could not be more proud of her but we will mess seeing her every day.She s starting a new chapter in her life and doing what she wants to do for her career.Congratulations Sam on your new job and apartment and we are so proud of the young lad you have become.I am glad we had a whole week together to enjoy each other’s company before you left to follow your dreams. Hopefully they will lead you back to Nashua every once in a while too pumpkin.

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