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About Us

The roots to the current New Hampton Tribune newspaper can be traced back to May of 1857 when the first newspaper in Chickasaw County, Iowa the Chickasaw County Republican was published by Isaac Watson in Jacksonville.

On January 16, 1860 L.J. Young purchased the Republican and moved it to New Hampton and began publication of the New Hampton Courier with W.E. Beach as editors and publisher.

Frank Hazlett founded the Tribune in 1876 Hazlett published the paper until 1893 when he sold it to J.A. Bishop and W.J. Nugent. Nugent sold his interest in the Tribune to Bishop later the same year giving Bishop sole ownership of the Tribune.

The New Hampton Gazette was established in 1895 by James Babcock in 1899 Babcock sold the Gazette to D.A. Thornburg and W.N. Crawford. In 1901 Thornburg sold his interest to Crawford.

In 1909 Bishop sold the Tribune to E.F. Feuling and then in 1917 Feuling purchased the New Hampton Courier and merged it with the Tribune, and the Courier discontinued publication.

On February 11, 1931 the New Hampton Gazette merged with the New Hampton Tribune and operated as the Tribune-Gazette.

E.F. Feuling remained publisher until his death in 1947. At that time his son J.E. Feuling became publisher. In 1948 J.E. Feuling purchased the Economist from Carl Johnson. The New Hampton Tribune and New Hampton Economist were published weekly under separate mastheads.

In 1974 Dan Feuling became owner and publisher. In 1996 the Economist and the Tribune merged and were published as the New Hampton Tribune.

In 1999 Dan Feuling sold the New Hampton Tribune to Liberty Newspaper Group. In 2005 the paper was sold to Gatehouse Media.

In April 2009 the Tribune was purchased by Gene Hall, Hall then sold the New Hampton Tribune to Dave Stanley in November of 2009. In June 2010, Stanley purchased the once-a-week Nashua Reporter.

In May 2016, Stanley sold the paper back to Hall's Hallmark Integrated Services, and a year later, Christopher Hall, Gene's son, and his company, Enterprise Media, took over operations of both the Tribune and the Reporter.

In May 2019, the Tribune became a once-a-week product, and in early 2020, our editorial office moved to 801 Riverside Drive, Charles City. Our local office can be found at 18 E. Main Street in New Hampton.