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Have faith, for God’s plan is better than ours

If you have the Tribune’s annual Visitor’s Guide, "In And Around Chickasaw County," turn to page 50 and there you will see a little baby looking forward wide eyed and very much secure in her dad’s arms at Trinity Lutheran Church during i

Farm Bureau excited about new gauge

With the very eventful off and on rainfalls around the area lately, Chickasaw County Farm Bureau would like to get you more information on the rain gauge in which we had installed at the Norman Borlaug Boyhood Farm on 200th St., north of New Hampt

Does School Board really want best building at best price?

We were asked by the superintendent to help get an addition to the school built.I thought he was genuine in his asking and I took the offer seriously.

Police shootings leave many of us weeping for the country we love

The editorial cartoon that appears with this column was drawn by one of the most famous cartoonists in history.Bill Mauldin, who became famous for his World War II cartoons depicting “Willie and Joe,” won two Pulitzer Prizes for his work, but when

School Board president ‘clarifies’ misunderstandings

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of discussion about the district’s choice of Facilities Cost Management Group (FCMG) as a consultant in a potential district building project.I hope this letter clarifies a few of the misunderstandings that ar

Maybe we just need to learn a lesson from our diamond players

When I arrived at the office on Sunday, my plans for this space were simple.I was going to try to make some sense out of the last week in national news and to plead for some sanity.I awoke on Friday morning with absolutely no hope as I watched peo

A 50-year-old Lawler mystery is ‘answered’ in middle of Florida

What are the odds?Iowa's population? Three million. Florida's?

A time for remembering loved ones we have lost

 Loving memories are what help families and friends deal with a death of a loved one. Nashua residents have had many chances to look back on the memories of the ones who passed in the last month.

Topics include photo ‘staredown,’ festivals and a great librarian

 I take a lot of grief — and justifiably so — for trying to capture “candid” photos of my friends.More than a few times in the past few years, New Hampton Parks and Recreation Director Rick Kramer has threatened to stick that camera somewhere that

A weekend in Lawler is good for a few good ‘O’Connor stories’

We sat underneath the big tent at Irish Fest and I kept waiting for my old pal Bill Sheridan to bring up the Cubs.Sheridan is the Lawler native who wrote the book “Depot Street Memories: The Lawler Stories” and I never really tire of telling the s

Farmer has issues with WHO report on processed meat

Will eating bacon and other processed meats really make you sick?
Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) came out with news stating that processed foods are linked to cancer.


As exciting as playoffs are, there are more important things in life

I am sitting here on a Sunday evening wrapped up in emotions I didn’t see coming when I came to the office earlier today.

Let’s embrace groups trying to give us a unique, safe Halloween

While many people are skeptical on this year’s time for trick-or-treating on Halloween I say embrace it!
New Hampton volunteers are trying something new this year and I see a great opportunity for kids and adults alike.


In the end, Halloween is about a lot more than just tons of candy

It’s Monday morning here at the Tribune and I just took a quick glance at Brittany Bierle’s column, which is about Halloween.
Dang. She stole my idea.

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