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Olympics remind us to cherish every win and every loss

Well it is finally here, the Olympics! And I, for one, am totally consumed!I absolutely love watching this event that we get so few times that truly brings the country together with team spirit for the great U.S.A.The variety of events offers viewing pleasure for everyone along with upsets such as the first gold medal the US won in the 10 meter air rifle.It is not only the competitions but the back stories these athletes have, showing us that they can be ordinary people just like us.Anyone truly can make it to the Olympics if they work hard enough, from college sophomores to NBA superstars.The sports take me back to my time on the volleyball court, on the line for basketball and golfing various courses. I miss it, as I am sure many of you readers who played sports do as well.I am thankful to have younger generations in my life who I am able to watch and cheer on as they play their hearts out and I only hope they cherish it.Cherish every win, every loss, every late game, every bus ride and even every twisted ankle or worn out wrist.Each of these things is a memory, whether a good one or bad one, it is one you will take with you forever.Pause as I take a trip down memory lane and flip through my scrapbook which I am thankful for. It will help remind me of all these memories from middle school to my current days as my “big day” inches closer.While I, as well as most viewers, cannot simply sit for hours on end to see at the events, I am as thankful as ever for my DVR.Recording the events, and viewing many in fast forward, helps me be a much more productive person.It is truly the team spirit of the teams that draws me in though. The pep talks all of America gets to listen in on and the consoling of each other through the good and the bad.All of these teams that compete have much to teach our young athletes about working together and being a teammate on and off the field.This serves as a time for our nation to come together and get behind a great event that will run for the next couple of weeks.And what can be better than hearing our anthem for those gold medals that will, hopefully, continue to roll in. 

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