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Don’t let outsiders pick our state senator

Yet another outside group has come to our locale to help you make up your mind as to who should be your state senator.Recently, I was informed that not only are Des Moines’s Jimmy Centers and his Priorities for Iowa, Inc. wanting us to elect an “independent” voice, but so are Kansans Charles Koch and David Koch.  Why are Kansans’ interested in the Iowa 26th Senatorial District race?  Could it be that the person running against Mary Jo is their candidate and will represent their interests in Des Moines—not ours?  Mary Jo Wilhelm is our local candidate.  She will look after our interests, not the interests of financial backers from Wichita, Kan. It is time for voters to take a good look at what has happened to our legislature and is happening within our state.  We are drifting into the same hyper-partisanship that has Washington tied up in knots.  Nothing happens there because there is no compromise.  The Constitution, which is bandied about by just about every politician, was the result of compromise.  Representatives who draw lines in the sand, such as “no new taxes,” become brittle and cannot flex with the needs of our state and country.  What good comes of making a stand only to have the thing you say is most precious is lost in the process? Think about it.  The 26th senatorial district is but one geographical section of the whole State of Iowa.  We need to elect the person who has a vision for the future of Iowa.  I support Senator Mary Jo Wilhelm because she will work with others and continue to keep our State the wonderful place that it is.

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