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Respect should be message moving forward

The last year has been a political battle between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Democrats and Republicans. The voting is now over and Trump is now the President of the United States whether or not you agree.Saturday Night Live was hosted by Aziz Ansari this week and usually I do not watch it but this week when I came back into the room I stopped and listened to the beginning of the show.“As long as we treat each other with respect and remember that, ultimately, we are all Americans, we’ll be fine,” Ansari said. This statement holds true for many situations even in Iowa and where we are all residents of America, Iowa, Chickasaw County and Nashua.Treating each other will respect should be the message moving forward for all residents and the message we should be passing on to our children. They are growing up in a world where it is on the evening news that people are burning and vandalizing political signs in others yards just because they do not agree with a person they are supporting.People should know the difference between right and wrong considering they do teach this in every school across the nation. Yet people feel like they have the power and right to say or do whatever they want without thinking twice about it.I hope we have done a good job raising our children since we have taught our children to be compassionate, respectful of others, make good choices and take responsibility good or bad. Most importantly though be kind and polite to others.Whether it is the President or people you know, everyone should remember they should be taking responsibility for their actions instead of causing unnecessary divisions and blaming others. We as Americans have enough issues in the world today without being divided about what is morally wrong and right.

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