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Now, this is the way to start off November

Lead Summary

Dear Mother Nature;
We’re not sure what we did to quite deserve this, but we want to thank you for this week — a wonderful reminder that you really do have a heart.
The weather you’re giving us this week is absolutely, positively, empathically perfect. Period.
Highs in the 70s? Abundant sunshine? Lows in the 40s? Yes, yes, yes.
Now, we know you have to give us a dose of reality and that’s coming later in the week, but then again, we also know you’ve been known to throw an early November snowstorm our way so we’ll take the rainy weather it sounds like you’re going to give us on Thursday and Friday.
Still, Monday, today and tomorrow can’t get much better for people like us who keep waiting for you to drop your proverbial shoe one of these days.
Considering the average high this time of the year is in the upper 40s, this little three-day stretch of 60s is a little slice of heaven. Heck, some of us, even considered wearing shorts to the second round of the high school football playoffs Monday evening, and as you well know, that almost never happens.
We’ll take it and try to remember that you do have a heart when you throw us that first below-zero day at us or when you decide you’ve been nice enough and it’s time to give us a dose of that “white stuff reality.”
Heck, considering what you threw at us a quarter of a century ago with that Halloween ice storm, we’ll take average right now.
So again, thank you. And if you want to keep it coming, a lot of us would appreciate it.
Sincerely, the residents of Chickasaw County


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