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New Hampton can be proud of its super third-grade students

The Maize Maze and Fayette County Nature Center at Elgin hosted a field day for the third-grade students from New Hampton school this past week.  This fun day is filled with  the challenge of paying attention to directions, ”North, East, South and West” to solve the maze and finding 75 answers and pictures, but also learn about animals in Northeast Iowa, and a little about farm machinery that was used years ago by our farming ancestors.And of course they have the “HANDS ON” experience of picking and shelling their own popcorn and learn how to process it before it can be ready to pop.The New Hampton School district can be very proud of Michelle Reicks and her supporting staff, the parents of the children and bus drivers for their setting up and managing the field trip for 68 kids.And the district can be very proud of your third-grade kids. They are awesome and so well behaved, even when a mouse jumps out of the box.  (You must ask the kids about that one!).     There were some very special people who helped make the day awesome, Mrs. Hoskins, Tony Roethler, David Smith, Melissa Wertz, bus driver Karen Ellsworth, and the very brave girl Olivia, who ended her day at the sewing machine in the emergency room in the West Union hospital, but trust us, she is a super gal! 

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