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The longest run

Lead Summary

As Jennifer Kalainoff watched her runners cross the finish line last Thursday night, the Nashua-Plainfield coach admitted she felt a twinge of disappointment.  The places were fine at the annual New Hampton Invitational, but the times seemed off.  And it turned out there was good reason for that as the hastily put-together course was actually about 300 meters too long.  “When we were finished, they announced that the course was too long,” Kalainoff said, “and that explains some of our times, which was reassuring. Our kids ran well; it’s just the times didn’t reflect it like we wanted.”  The meet is usually held at the New Hampton Golf and Country Club, but the course has been flooded three times in the past six weeks. That forced officials to move the meet to the Jackson Heights Golf Club near Turkey Valley High School.  “Our kids really like the New Hampton course so it was disappointing to not be able to run there,” Kalainoff said, “but our runners did great with it.”  The Huskies were led by Brock Dietz, who cracked the top 10 with an eighth-place finish in 18:35.8, which if the course had been the standard 3.1 miles would have given him a sub-18 time.For all the Nashua-Plainfield results, please see the Oct. 13 Reporter.

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