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Classic Night

Lead Summary

While the event was short lived due to weather, it was well attended on Thursday night along main street.County residents of all ages joined in the celebrations for Classic Night held by The Blue Iris, Butch’s and Josie’s in New Hampton.The rain drove away the crowd at about 5:30 p.m., just half an hour after it started. So event coordinators have decided to reschedule the event for Thursday, Aug, 25, same time, same place.Share the Wellth did have a great showing at the Farmers Market on Thursday night where the Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Committee gathered people to sell their produce and made samples for visitors to try.Committee member Jolene Rosonke was excited that the committee was able to get different vendors to come out for the day.“You don’t have to feel guilty about anything you eat here,” said Committee Member Kathy Babcock.St. Joseph Community School was also present at the Farmer’s Market with a salsa that was made with ingredients from the school’s garden.Also getting into the fun, the Carnegie Cultural Center hosted games and crafts at the Carnegie.Administrator Jill Eike taught kids how to play jacks while marbles was also taught to excited children and Director Juanita Andersen helped children make corn husk dolls.The kids found out that doll making was a slow process but enjoyed the end result.

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