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Giving time is year round around here

Christmas is now less than two weeks away, which means 2017 is just around the corner.As 2016 rushes to a close, there’s plenty of folks to celebrate — not only for their accomplishments but also because they remind us each and every day why in and around Chickasaw County is such a great place to live, work and play.Yes, the holidays are upon us, and yes, it’s the giving time of the year, but around here, we have so many people who give of their time and talents the entire year. And we appreciate all of you.So, without further ado ...A tip of the hat ...To New Hampton Middle School for its week long “Career Week” that gave its students an in-depth look at a variety of professions right here in the New Hampton area. This wasn’t just a cursory look, either, instead the school devoted time and resources to help students explore a variety of career options.A tip of the hat ...To the Carnegie Cultural Center and the University of Iowa Jazz Repertoire Ensemble for providing a great evening of entertainment as part of the university’s Arts Share program.A tip of the hat ...To the New Hampton girls basketball team who showed their volunteer spirit this past fall when they spent six hours on a beautiful Saturday day and raked the lawns of more than 20 homes in the city.A tip of the hat ...To Quilts of Valor quilters,  who made more than 60 quilts for area veterans this year. The quilters meet on the third Wednesday of every month at the Quilter’s Window in New Hampton, and the local organization handed out 49 of the quilts to veterans in a moving ceremony that was held last month at the St. Joseph’s Parish Center.A tip of the hat ...To New Hampton Municipal Committee for working hard to come up with a good renovation plan for the pool at Mikkelson Park. When committee members began meeting, there was talk of spending up to $2 million, but through a lot of hard work and creativity, the committee has presented a plan that will cost around $622,000.A tip of the hat ...To Chickasaw County Court District Judge John Bauercamper for his decision not to fine individual New Hampton School Board members for violating open meeting laws in November 2015. The board members were well aware they had erred, and we agree with Bauercamper that “punitive fines against the board members or the school district would serve no useful purpose.” If this was an ongoing issue with the School Board, then, yes, the district and board members should have been fined, but we, like the district court judge, believe this was an unfortunate situation that won’t be repeated anytime soon.A tip of the hat ...To New Hampton’s Josh Fenske and Kam Pfaffle and to Turkey Valley’s Wyatt Blazek, Cody Hackman and Kelby Reicks for being named to the Iowa Newspaper Association’s all-state teams.A tip of the hat ...To the New Hampton FFA chapter and its advisor, Jim Russ, for a never-say-die attitude when it came to getting world-renowned animal scientist and autism spokesperson Temple Grandin to come to New Hampton. Where some might have said “why bother,” the FFA members said “why not?” We can’t wait for Jan. 12, when Grandin will present two programs at the high school.A tip of the hat ...To New Hampton High School students Jenna Murry, Madison TeKippe, Morgan Smith and Isabel Hoey for earning a spot in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. The girls earned their trips to the Big Apple by showing leadership, showmanship and precision at the MA Dance Camp this past summer.A tip of the hat ...To New Horizons-Chamber, the Carnegie Cultural Center and Great Plays Daycare for putting on another fantastic Santa Saturday here in New Hampton. From the Santa Store at the New Hampton Community Center to the activities and Santa’s visit at the Carnegie, it was one heck of a day to be a child here in New Hampton.A tip of the hat ...To the Fredericksburg Women of Today for putting on another fun-filled Hometown Christmas. Too often, we forget how much work goes into planning these events, and we want you to know your efforts are appreciated.A tip of the hat ...To Emma Nicolaisen, the New Hampton senior on the Chickasaw girls basketball team, who reminded all of us the value of sportsmanship during a game against Charles City. When a Comet went to the floor with an injury, Nicolaisen eschewed the fast break and went over to comfort the injured player.A tip of the hat ...To New Hampton Elementary School and St. Joseph Community School for taking part in the Hour of Code, a unique nationwide program that introduced students to the world of computer science.A tip of the hat ...To the New Hampton Parks and Recreation Department for putting on another wonderful Breakfast for Santa this past Saturday. It’s a quaint event, but one that we think makes New Hampton the special place it is.A tip of the hat ...To the New Hampton wrestling team for a fantastic start to what looks to be a very promising season. The Chickasaws not only won their first two tournaments of the year, but they earned themselves a spot in the national rankings.

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