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A yes vote is an investment in our future

I’m writing this letter to express my support for the upcoming school bond election.  A yes vote for the new school is an investment in the future of our kids and our community.  The youth are our most precious commodity that this community produces. These kids are the future leaders in our communities. They are our future city council members, county supervisors, school board members, business owners, chamber of commerce members, and our future neighbors.  By voting yes for the school bond issue, we are sending them a message that we are willing to invest in our community because we want to make sure this is a vibrant place for them to live, work, play, and raise a family when they are done with their education.  I’ve heard several people talking about voting no because they no longer have any kids in school or because they just don’t want to pay more taxes.  Just as residents in the past stepped up and voted yes to build the current buildings for all of the current and former students, it’s time for us to step up and vote yes for our future students.  A yes vote sends them the message that we care about their future and want them to one day return here to raise their families. No one likes paying taxes, but we need to look at this as an opportunity for each of us to make an investment in our school and community that will last far into the future.Investing in our school buildings is one of the best ways to send the message that we care about and believe in our community.  Before you vote, please take time to become educated on this issue. There will be a lot of gossip, false information, misinformation, and rumors on this topic. Get the facts first hand by attending one of the informational meetings on the project.  You have a responsibility to our community to understand the issue before voting.  This is too important to rely on hearsay at the coffee shop or some letters to the editor.  After getting all the facts, please consider voting yes for the future of our community and the future of our children.  They deserve the best education possible in the best facilities we can provide.

Thank you for reading!

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