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There’s too much ‘fancy’ in proposed school

The new plans for the school include a lot of waste and unneeded spending.Part of the building could be a pole barn. That would save a lot of money compared to brick or concrete. It was also be unique to the area and a very warm welcome to farmers and other real Iowa folk.This pole barn could have some great barn art on the side designed by the kids that attend the school and auctioned off every year for a fund raiser.    Other money for this project could come from donations of area businesses and citizens that would like to place their name on the wall of the new building for all to see.And not too far down the road is a gym that is open to the public with a yearly membership fee to help cover the costs and is "rented out" when not being used for school activities. The general public could book retirement parties, birthday parties, church gatherings, adult basketball games, day camps for kids, funeral processions, come together rallies, or fight night pay per view gatherings. This new building could be used for a lot more citizens and serve as a general purpose room for many more than what use it currently.Also, many schools charge admission for school activities. This money could pay for future renovations, current loans, or future expansions. And those that use the school, will help pay for it, rather than the whole town, where many don't even step inside the school.This school plan on the bond vote could be looked at again and built without all the fancy additions. A regular building with four walls and a roof is all that is needed to teach our next generations. Why do we need the school to look like a Beverly Hills school when a regular school is all that we need, without unnecessary spending?The bond has many negative effects on this town. The low income would be stressed trying to afford their bills. The town won't have low taxes to entice new citizens to move in. And many of us are not happy about change that isn't 100 percent needed!

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