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Public shows off their biggest vegetables

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Morris Landscaping and Garden Center is excited to announce the winners of the 2016 Largest Vegetable Contest which they have held for the last three years.Harvest time is the best time to brag about how well the garden did and show pictures of the biggest and the best grown this season.Growers come from all around the area to have their vegetables weighed at Morris Landscaping and Garden Center for their annual contest. The excitement of watching the vegetables grow and finally being weighed is a sense of accomplishment and sometimes amazement to many.The winners are: Dale Hoffman of Elma who grew an 18 pound 13 ounce kohlrabi, Shelly Krall of New Hampton who grew a two pound 12 ounce tomato, Phyllis Boeding of Lawler who grew an eight pound 13 ounce zucchini and the Gardener’s Choice was grown by Ada Schwickerath of New Hampton with her giant cucumber.“Dale let me keep his winning kohlrabi,” said Owner Nancy Morris. “I enjoyed feasting on raw kohlrabi slices for several weeks.” Hoffman was a 2015 winner but this year he beat his record by over two pounds. Schwickerath was also a 2015 winner with her one pound 13 ounce potato.A late spring frost, tomato blight and a wet season made for a slow start for many who planted gardens this year. Their hard work and dedication paid off for many who love to have the fresh grown vegetables on their tables, in their freezers and cupboards.

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