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Movies based on recent events are becoming history lessons

I have always said that my favorite kind of movie is one that is based on real life events but just recently I have begun to wonder why.I have never been a history buff — I will leave that up to Bob Fenske — I only know of events but rarely look deeper into them.Movies that are now out or were recently released include “Patriots Day,” “Sully,” “Deepwater Horizon” and “The Program” have been some I have watched and been obsessed with.Many because they are based on events happening within the last 10 years or so. A time period I should be aware of, and while I am aware  — I never really looked into the severity of the events.The movies throw you into the story so well and the whole time I am thinking - this can’t be real! And while no, the whole movie does not depict true events, for the most part they are.These movies are truly becoming history lessons to me and hopefully many others. They are events that we should know more on — should know the facts, but how many of us did?The most recent one I watched — Patriots Day —  truly shows the gore and pain of those fans and runners and brings a whole new perspective to the story that we don’t always see when the event is happening.I felt that this movie worked hard to show both sides of the story ... or as much as they knew anyway.I became invested in the movie, feeling the pain, not being able to look away and left the theatre wanting more. I wanted to google everything I could on the event to go deeper into the history.Movie well done.And what a way to honor those people that made history and did their best in these crazy situations they found themselves in.“Deepwater Horizon” was a perfect example of the workers that we didn’t think about and weren’t invested in because we don’t get to know them as the real events are happening but now they are ingrained in some of us more. And their families had a chance of a lifetime to honor them. 

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