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It’s time for all of us to ‘pay it forward’

Please join me in voting YES on the Feb. 7 school bond referendum.Serving on the school building Committee, I have learned many reasons why we need a new school.I have also come to the realization about what this investment means not only to our students and how they learn, but what it will mean for the viability of our community.If you are on the fence about which way to vote, please take the time to learn what this is about by attending one of the upcoming meetings.Anybody can find a reason to oppose anything, but it is my belief that we have kicked the proverbial can down the road about as far as we can. It is time that we take control of our own destiny and say YES to our future as a community and school district.Listening to folks who voted contrary last time, I think this plan addresses many, if not all, of those concerns. It is my belief that it is no longer practical to think “this is someone else’s responsibility” or “it is not my worry.”Everybody has a right to their own opinion, but we also have a responsibility to each other, as citizens, to take charge and pay it forward. Our forefathers made a commitment to ensure our success; it is our turn to make that commitment for the future generation.Let’s say YES to those future doctors, engineers, farmers, tradesmen and teachers. Let’s say yes to the future policeman, firefighters, and veterans. We must let them know that we care about them and believe in them. After all, it is their success that ensures our future.Our time is now. Please join me in voting YES on Feb. 7.

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