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Ambulance Service owner updates board

Lead Summary

 Chickasaw County Ambulance owner Jeremy McGrath informed the Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors that the ambulance has been busy with mental health transports and he is looking at getting a secure car that would be more useful for transports than an ambulance.The vehicle would be a wheelchair accessible van with a cage in it.“This would help for some mental health transports that need to go but don't need an ambulance and don’t have to go by a cop car,” said McGrath.McGrath is also looking at updating a couple ambulances.“We have a of couple diesels we are trying to get one more year out of,” he said. “I would like to replace the Nashua rig.”The ambulance service has five new crew members in Nashua, which is a big help and two are new EMTs.“I wish we could do that in New Hampton and Fredericksburg,” said McGrath.There are still four ambulance crew members in Fredericksburg and the Fredericksburg City council decided to extend their agreement with the service in Fredericksburg for one year, after that they will decide what to do.“If we can't get any more help by July of next year we will probably have to get rid of the Fredericksburg rig,” said McGrath.He met with the Fredericksburg firemen again last month trying to find more help but again getting no interest.“I wanted to see if we can get some help one day a week from them,” said McGrath.For the complete story see the 7/1/2016 New Hampton Tribune.

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