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Vote yes for a new school in New Hampton

I have had numerous conversations about the new school bond and improvements.  Everyone I spoke to is in favor of it.One hundred years ago, the fine people of New Hampton voted yes to build a new school for our community.  Then in 1965 they voted again to build a new high school.  Today it is our turn to step up to the plate and VOTE YES.New Hampton has a history of being progressive. Look at our wonderful park system, churches, industry, etc., that we have built or improved on.  These things were not done with people voting no or being negative. It was done with a can-do attitude and positive leadership. Having a new school addition will be positive for growing New Hampton and Chickasaw County in jobs and in population.  Our children and their children’s future depends on your YES VOTE. Other letters to the editor urge you to not vote yes. Please do not let the biggest naysayers sway you. They are by no means construction experts and have any idea how much this project should cost.  Leave it to the professionals. Superintendent Jay Jurrens and the School Board members are doing a great job looking for ways to improve education and the facilities for students learn in. Please VOTE YES on Feb. 7 and show your committed  leadership in growing education in New Hampton and Chickasaw County.

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