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Get the correct referendum info

I have a unique perspective on the upcoming bond vote for the New Hampton schools to build a 5-8 addition to the existing high school.My wife is the high school principal, so by default, I am an active member of the school community. More importantly, however, is that I was born here, graduated from NHHS and have chosen to return to New Hampton to raise my family.I have a high school sophomore, an eighth-grader and preschool student who reap the benefits of the education being offered by our district.I returned here so my family could have that opportunity.I am not telling you how to vote, nor am I presumptuous enough to believe that if I did, it would make a difference. What I am asking is for each of you to be informed before you do vote.There is a variety of misinformation that is being misconstrued. I liken it to the game of telephone where the information starts correctly but gets jumbled as it is passed from one person to another.The school district, Mr. Jurrens and the board are legally obligated to only give factual information out to patrons or anyone who inquires. What I am asking you to do is attend a local town hall meeting or at least to get the correct information so you can make a reasonable, educated decision when you cast your vote.Here are meetings you can attend: This Thursday at the Middle School Auditorium that includes a tour at 6 p.m. and a presentation at 6:30 p.m. and the following Thursday, Feb. 2, when the same schedule will be followed.As citizens, we are tasked to help our governmental agencies make decisions and to participate fully in the process of democracy by being fully informed and voting.I encourage you to get the correct information and then vote either by absentee ballot or at the polls on Feb. 7.

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