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Get the correct info and vote yes on Feb. 7

We have read with interest the letters to the editor, both pro and con, regarding the upcoming school bond referendum. As longline residents of the New Hampton school district, we would like to add our voices to the mix.We attended these school and sent our three sons through virtually the same buildings. Were they good enough for us and our boys? Yes! Are they good enough going forward? No!We recently toured the downtown school and attended the informational meeting conducted by Superintendent [Jay] Jurrens and the building planning committee. We were shocked by the deteriorating and crowded conditions. Boxes stacked against the wall for lack of storage, sloping floors, large cracks between floors and walls, wood doors where metal fire doors are now required. There are way to many Band-Aids throughout. This building has reached the end of its useful life.Classrooms, along with the way we teach and the way we learn, has evolved and changed over the years. Teachers no longer stand in front of students, desks all in rows, writing on a chalk board.Students are now more apt to be using iPads and laptops in an environment that supports learning in a variety of ways, such as in small groups, using hands-on techniques and creativity. Flexible spaces are also important so students are not in the hallways, stairwells and any other place they can find to meet and collaborate as they learn.If you have not had the opportunity to walk through our elementary and middle school in the last 25 years, we urge you to take a tour and we feel you will understand and appreciate the push for the school bond issue.Considering how much talk this topic has brought foward, we were disappointed in how few people attended the meeting. It was very informative. Mr. Jurrens explained how the bond referendum would affect the average homes, farms and businesses tax wise. It is not as bad as the opposition want you to believe.Please take time to attend the upcoming informational meetings this Thursday or Feb. 2 and see for yourself.There will be tours both nights at 6 p.m. with the presentation to follow at 6:30. Any questions or concerns will certainly be addressed.We lost our business to a fire in 2014 and are nearing completion on a new facility. There were a number of people that suggested we build our store elsewhere in a larger town. This is our home.We believe in New Hampton. We want to see our community grow and prosper. We would like to see existing businesses expand in New Hampton and new ones make the decision to come here.We need the school project to pass to show the prospective businesses we are progressive. Do we want to pay higher taxes? No, but this is a worthwhile project that deserves our support.Please join us in voting YES for this very important project.

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