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Vote for Stokes is positive step for future

Stacie Stokes is a person of integrity, who is committed, trustworthy and hardworking.  People are treated with respect as she listens to their concerns and ideas.  On a personal level she has been married for 24 years to her husband, Jason.  They have three boys with the oldest currently serving in the U.S. Marine Corp.  On a professional level Stacie has been an educator.  First, as a teacher and now as an education consultant through AEA 267.  Stacie has been solutions oriented throughout her career.  Her approach is to assess the problem, look at the resources, and come up with practical and workable solutions.  Stacie has demonstrated through this process that she is an active listener and a leader, who leads by example.  As an educator, Stacie Stokes knows what is required to achieve and maintain excellence in our public school systems.  She would be a great advocate  for the future of Iowa’s young people.  There are many other issues that the Iowa Legislation will need to face such as resources for effective mental health, economic growth and development, and water quality.  Stacie Stokes has the practical common sense and hardworking dedication to promote the best interests of Iowans.  A vote for Stacie Stokes as state representative is a vote for a positive step toward a better future for all Iowans.

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