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Vacation is filled with fun, but it’s also good to be back home

I’m back! And while usually people are sad about leaving vacation, I’m doing ok —  not because my vacation wasn’t a blast by a long shot but because I am so excited for all the upcoming events in the county!Is that weird? I feel like that is weird but just love how their is hardly ever a dull moment in Iowa and Chickasaw County for that matter!But now I invite you all to read about my amazing vacation taking a Royal Caribbean cruise from Miami to Coco Cay to Nassau to Key West that I journalled about every day on the trip - I wrote on the trip, does that mean I can count them as work days?Day one - Monday.We got on after first deep sea sailing, which was also a blast! My stomach turned a couple of times with the deep waves but luckily I kept my breakfast down, unlike my husband. We then zipped to the cruise and got in line at 2 p.m. and there was still quite a wait.We finally walked onto the ship at about 2:45 p.m. and we were able to grab some food since we hadn't eaten yet! I loved the options that are complimentary on board and so many food choices at each place. We then saw our room quick and thankfully learned to have some clothes and swimsuits in your carry on luggage because everything is open on board but your bag won't get to your room for hours.After an uncomfortable safety drill we were then free to roam and check out everything. The cruise compass was most important so you know what is free and open to do!I saw takeoff alone while my husband decided to stay in bed and watch some TV. Reminder to self and anyone planning a cruise: bring a lanyard! You get a card that is your money and ID and room card for your cruise and must have it wherever you go.We then had our first night of dinner with other honeymooners. We loved hearing about their weddings that happened just days before and reliving ours from months before.Thank goodness we got good tablemates because you sit with them through the rest of the cruise! I chose the earlier dining time at 6 p.m. because, well, sometimes I just can’t wait! Plus we are not late night owls.Man, was the ship a rocking that first night, and one of our tablemates had trouble eating much at all.The choices at dinner are hard to pick from because they all sound so good! I made an effort to choose something new each night while Todd frequented the steak - go figure! The menu changed every day with new and exciting foods.Another note to self: Don’t forget a pen! It was driving me crazy!The night ended with one show with the hubby and one by myself as he took off to the room again. I was also so happy to find that the cruise compass came the night before so I could begin planning the next day!Day two - Tuesday.Coco Cay day! We had an overwhelming breakfast and then took a quick ride to the island.I found tennis shoes were nice at first because I saw the nature walk I wanted to do, although its not overly needed but still interesting, probably could have done it in flip flops.We snuck on to the private beach area for awhile where we would walk out on the sand bars, see fish and even a crab if you are lucky!We found lots of shells too and I was the big winner finding a giant conch shell. Food was provided by the cruise line there and it was again exceptional with a huge buffet.For the rest of the time we hung out by the chairs to relax. It is hard to find much in the shade but we managed. I tried a drink in a pineapple simply because I was on vacation and why not?I should mention how nice it is to be able to borrow towels from the boat which really frees up room in your suitcases!Next I attended a free detox information session at the spa. Not really what I was looking for but still interesting.Another great dinner and we met our third couple that is seated at our table who had decided to visit one of the specialty restaurants located on the ship the night before.Again stories were exchanged.It was a special night on board with the captains welcome and introductions of staff.It was also our dress up night and I even got a compliment from a stranger on my dress! Win!  We watched a music Stage to Screen show and stayed for the Love and Marriage game show as well where a couple that eats with us at dinner made the show! Very exciting! I was sure to take pictures for them because I am pretty much a professional paparazzi as you all know.Day three - Wednesday.We landed in Nassau! We were at the island with about four other cruise ships so it was packed and it was crazy looking out and seeing a Disney cruise as well as Carnival next to us.We headed to shore and as we were docked there wasn't any waiting for a taxi to shuttle us to land.Grabbing a taxi with a group of other passengers to Atlantis was a little scary but we made it and we walked along the beach and through the hotel where they have an outdoor area that is a zoo of sorts with turtles in ponds to view, stingrays, fish and even a shark from afar!When leaving Atlantis we asked a hotel employee where we should head next and we were given our own personal driver that took us to about six popular hot spots for a very reasonable price!We saw famous stars, forts, rum cake factory, rum distillery and more! After that we walked through the straw market where Todd picked up some new sunglasses.Back to the ship early for a nap was the rest of the afternoon. I finally hit the hot tub which was amazing.Before dinner Todd and I hit up a wine tasting which was fun for me, he was a trooper since he's not much of a wine guy! He liked the cheese plate though ...I then headed to the spa for a free facial and then back down for dinner. There were two comedy shows planned for the night as well as the 70s dance party.Day four - Thursday.Immigration day was not fun. We docked at Key West at about 10 a.m. and kept waiting for our floor to be called to have our passports checked but never heard it.At about 11 a.m. we finally just got in line and went for it. Once we got through and out on the island it was time to do as much as we could in a short time.My main goal? The island winery!Wine tasting was amazing with the crazy fruity flavors they use, I found a few I loved! Right next door to the winery? A rum distillery! Too perfect!Afterwards we got on our way to snorkeling. I have gone before in Key Largo but it was Todd's first time. He liked it and we both saw some great fish and lots of coral. It was a booze cruise of sorts on the way back to port making things interesting!We headed to dinner for the final night meeting up with just one of our other tablemate couples and both were sad to see it end. I definitely don't think it will be the last cruise for them or me!

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