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Walking school bus is good for both the kids and volunteers

Wednesday students of all ages will be walking to school for New Hampton’s Walk to School Day.However, some students have been walking to school for weeks now.I am a volunteer for the walking school bus in New Hampton which is up to three routes around town!The walking school bus is not only good for the kids, but it is also good for me.Yes, it is hard making myself get up and get going some mornings but I feel more energized after I do. The sun is up, so why aren’t I?It’s a great way for the students to burn off energy, and yes some of them need to burn off that morning energy!It’s also great to be able to connect with the kids on this walk. Learn about what they are doing in school and giving them another adult face to trust and get to know.Now, when I see these students when I’m taking pictures at the school or even just around town they know me, feel comfortable coming up and talking to me and just being friendly!They have another supporter around town that is wanting to see them do well and watching them grow up through the years! It’s so great to see the many, many kids walking to school whether they are with the walking school bus or not and nice to know how safe parents know New Hampton to be.We hope to bring just a little more confidence for some parents, especially for kids living a little further out.Hopefully the walking school bus is also giving parents a calmer feeling sending their kids off to another day of classes.The walking school bus is always looking for more volunteers and looking for students that want to join the walking school bus! For more information contact Ashley Christensen at

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