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Thoughts from the mayor

Greetings!I want to speak first about our accomplishments for 2016. The City of Nashua worked on re-branding itself and promoting our parks/recreational area/businesses.  With the rebranding, we implemented a new website, updated our plow trucks, got a street sweeper and held more community focused events. We also installed new residential water meters to be read online, sold all but one lot in the industrial park and received garbage/recycling bins for all residents.One item I want to comment on is the communications bill from the County. The City Attorney, Mayor Pro Tem, Councilman Cagley, Sergeant Marvin and I went to the County Board of Supervisors meeting this past Thursday night.We asked questions on behalf of the City to understand what we were being charged for and get an itemized bill.  We had a good discussion and more clarification on what the bill entails.This invoice will be brought to the City Council meeting to see if approval is given for payment.  No 911 services were ever in jeopardy of being turned off.  City Council also voted to condemn a couple of buildings on Main St. We will be working through the next steps to continue the progress on them. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions.Have a great week!Mayor Angelina Dietz

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