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Don’t let outsiders pick our state senator

Yet another outside group has come to our locale to help you make up your mind as to who should be your state senator.Recently, I was informed that not only are Des Moines’s Jimmy Centers and his Priorities for Iowa, Inc.

Stokes is a person of integrity that Iowa needs

I am writing in support of Stacie Stokes for state representative. I have known Stacie for over 30 years.  She is a person of integrity.

Fellow senator asks voters to re-elect Wilhelm

I urge voters in Senate District 26 to re-elect an outstanding public servant, Senator Mary Jo Wilhelm, one of the hardest working and most respected members of the Iowa Senate.Among the many reasons to re-elect Senator Wilhelm is the senator’s su

Why can’t third-party candidates get a seat at the debate table?

Thanks to a mostly colluding media, you likely don’t know that there are actually five Iowans who are on the ballot for the US Senate race: Republican Charles Grassley and Democrat Patty Judge of course, but also Libertarian Charles Aldrich, as we

Tupper appreciates the support his hometown has given him

A little more than 16 years ago, I walked in to Mrs. Nosbisch’s kindergarten class for the first time.

Supervisor makes his case for Holthaus

I strongly endorse Rick Holthaus for Chickasaw County Supervisor, District 1.

It’s a week that reminds why editor misses father so much

Today marks a dozen years without my father, who died on Oct.

Vote for Stokes is positive step for future

Stacie Stokes is a person of integrity, who is committed, trustworthy and hardworking.  People are treated with respect as she listens to their concerns and ideas.

Stokes will provide fresh ideas in Des Moines

As a parent of three young children, and also foster parent to several other children, I see many challenges that face us in rural Floyd County and Iowa House District 52.Access to extra-curricular activities, high standard of education, mental he

It’s time to retire Steve King from Congress

It has been 14 years since Rep. Steve King was first elected to the U.S. House and it is time for him to go.

Turkey Valley crisis team appreciates support

Turkey Valley Community Schools is a preschool through twelfth grade school located in the center of its’ many communities — Fort Atkinson, Saint Lucas, Waucoma, Lawler, Protivin, Little Turkey, and Jackson Junction.

New Hampton wrestling makes class move renaming tournament

Mary Kay Carr knows her husband would be humbled beyond words about the news that broke last weekend.The New Hampton Invitational dual-meet wrestling tournament is no more; instead, it will be replaced by the Doc Carr Dual Tournament.“He would be

Television ads against Wilhelm don’t tell the whole story

I have received three pieces of campaign literature and have watched television ads produced by a corporation named “Priorities for Iowa, Inc.”  This corporation uses a post office box in Des Moines and gives the impression that it is organized in

Television ads against Wilhelm don’t tell the whole story

I know the following to be true of Chickasaw County District 1 Supervisor Republican candidate Dennis Litterer:• Dennis is a graduate of Nashua High School and received an associate of arts degree from Waldorf College, 1975, and a bachelor of arts

College homecoming gives this editor a rush of real gratitude

I went home for homecoming on Saturday and took a walk back in time.When I graduated from little old Mapleton (Minn.) High School, my first college choice was Augustana in Sioux Falls, S.D.I visited the campus twice — once on my own and once with

Hooray for fall even if we know what’s coming next

Yay for fall!

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