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Mayor: We need to be optimistic each day

Being now and having previously been an elected official, and having been married to one, I am very aware of being criticized in decision-making.Floating ideas or asking questions can result in unfavorable opinions and actions.As a representative of the city, I am committed to hear all sides of issues and rely on transparency and facts before coming to a conclusion. Seeing it through and moving on to other business. My goal is to work to be a good partner, but also to be a good steward of the taxpayer’s money. Each day we need to be optimistic to make the New Hampton area a progressive community.Over the past three years there were building permits issued in New Hampton alone for a total of $9,550,760.25. Good things are happening!Economic Development has assisted in great projects such as Dungey’s Furniture, New Vision Woodworking, Hugeback-Johnson Funeral Home, Pedal & Play Sports, K & W Motors, Rancho Viejo, Josie’s, Milkhouse Candles, Sweet Freedom Gluten Free Bakery ... and the list goes on.Let’s keep the positive things moving and reinvest in the school and our kids future. We have a very important vote coming before us on Feb 7.It is the duty of each and every voter to get out and vote. If you do not know the facts, then you have several opportunities to get them.There are two more meetings — both this Thursday and Thursday, Feb. 2 — to tour the school and get the information you need to make an educated decision. Please come and ask the questions and get the answers. It’s about the children and investing in their futures. VOTE YES!I’d like to acknowledge Tammy and Megan in our Economic Development office and those involved impart in our city being designated a Skilled community. Skilled Iowa is a state program that provides assurances to employers and potential employers that local workforces have the skills and abilities to fill job openings. The initiative promotes the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) testing to potential job seekers, encourages businesses to hire certified workers when applicable, and provides resources to those looking to improve their skills. To become a Skilled Iowa Community, New Hampton had to meet certain metrics set by the state.I’d like to thank Kenny Rasing for his many years with Chickasaw County wearing many hats. Kenny will be retiring March 31.Your service to our community is greatly appreciated. I would also like to welcome to Chickasaw County, Austin Seely who will be taking on the EMA and 911 Coordinator position coming to us from the Cedar Rapids area. I welcome Staci Schutte who is not new to the office, but carries a new title of Environmental Health Director/ Land use Administrator. These are big shoes to fill by two very capable people.Congratulations to Jim Russ and the New Hampton FFA Chapter in bringing Temple Grandin here to speak. There were students from as far as Western Dubuque here to listen to Temple speak.Temple is an autistic woman who has become one of the top scientists in the humane livestock handling industry. What an honor it was to have such an amazing and motivated speaker to our community.To hear of her personal obstacles and to have the chance to listen to someone with her insight was indeed a great experience. You can see her movie or she has written 30 or more books you can read.If you are looking for tax deductions, I would like to make mention to our SNAP program. This wonderful group of people with SNAP is working very hard to find families for our dogs and cats that are abandoned or need to be rehomed.They have had a larger than normal amount of animals this winter needing homes and with the condition of some of them and vet needs, their funds are quickly becoming depleted.Snap works with other shelters that have time limits to the animals so that they get a second chance and don’t have to be put down. Please look into your hearts and what ever you can give, every penny helps. Contact SNAP at PO Box 150 New Hampton Iowa or Gayla Hugeback 641-330-6059.Looking for something to do inside out of the cold? Our public library has had some great programs for people of all ages. Check them out. Thursday January 26th at 6:30 it is “An Evening with David Thoreson. Sailing around the Americas: a 28,000 mile small boat journey.” He is an Emmy nominated speaker with a stunning visual presentation. Another fun idea is to check out what is going on at the Carnegie Cultural Center. They have some great exhibits!This year’s Cowboy Poetry proceeds are going to the Tribe Trail. Jan 28th is Cookies and Milk with the Cowboys Matinee in New Hampton 1:00- 3:00p.m. at the Event Centre.Tickets are $10.00. At the Starlite Ballroom in Lawler Jan 27th &28th enjoy a great meal, followed by western music, stories, and poetry by cowboys that live the life they portray. 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $25.00Get your tickets now. No tickets sold at the door for night shows. Tickets are at Chickasaw Co. banks or order by phone or email. Gerry &Marilee Mishak: 641-394-2623 or Chamber has had some really fun events! Congrats on many successful events through out the holiday season and into these wintery months. Check out the chamber site.The wrestlers brought in the New Year with a bang and Dueling Pianos at the Pub. I believe I was in bed by 8, but I hear you filled the Pub and had a great time. Maybe next year!The street crew has been out in force through our snow and ice. Thank you for all your extra work. Remember residents, you 48 hours to clean your sidewalks or the city will come do it and you will be charged a min. of $100.Also, from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m., you are required to keep your cars off the streets for during snowfalls for snow removal. This is a $25 ticket.Finishing up for this month, we begin our budgeting for the up and coming year.So I will end this column with my beginning goal: Good partners and good stewards of the city’s money.

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