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Let’s embrace groups trying to give us a unique, safe Halloween

While many people are skeptical on this year’s time for trick-or-treating on Halloween I say embrace it!
New Hampton volunteers are trying something new this year and I see a great opportunity for kids and adults alike.


I say hit up New Hampton for trick-or-treating, trunk-or-treating and the nursing homes and then move on! Continue your day but visiting other towns that are still holding their town trick-or-treating at night.
There is no rule that you must stay to your own territory!
Not only your kids but you will also triple your candy and not have to buy all year! What a great trade off.
I will also say that when I was a trick-or-treater I would have loved having it during the day time. Halloween is not my favorite holiday by far seeing as I am not a fan of being scared.
I remember one frightful night my brother, mother and I were out and about trick-or-treating and one house spooked me good. They had a member of their group dressing up like a scarecrow on their porch looking all innocent and not alive but as you get closer you begin to see it move! 
While many probably found this delightful there are those of us that then have nightmares about it — for years!
As for handing out candy last year — my first year on my own being able to do that — I found it a bit scary as well.
With kids and young adults running around in costumes and masks you can’t really make out who it coming to your doorstep until they are in your small circle of light. I’m not a fan of zombies and mummies and scary things that go bump in the night so I would much more enjoy seeing kids and adults walking the streets of New Hampton in the light of day.
You not only are able to enjoy the costumes more but are able to see house decorations as well! One of my personal favorites! 
I can also see where the time change may help for weather purposes. It is no fun going around in your winter coat at night not getting to show off your Halloween costume! 
Of course, there are remedies for this such as bundling up underneath your costume that can keep kids warm while enjoying their outfit but I’m sure that little bit of sun that will hopefully be out on Saturday will also make a world of a difference!


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