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Television ads against Wilhelm don’t tell the whole story

I know the following to be true of Chickasaw County District 1 Supervisor Republican candidate Dennis Litterer:• Dennis is a graduate of Nashua High School and received an associate of arts degree from Waldorf College, 1975, and a bachelor of arts degree from Northern Illinois, 1977. He lives with his with his wife at 2038 Cheyenne Ave., Ionia.• He has been a business owner in Nashua for 32 years, with experience in insurance and investments.• He serves on the Chickasaw County Republican Central Committee and is a member of the Nashua Methodist Church.• He has been a member of the Nashua Lions Club for 19 years, a member of  the Nashua Chamber of Commerce and is very active in the Chickasaw County Historical Society.• Dennis is a past School Board member and past Nashua City councilman.  Dennis is the most civic minded volunteer I know. He is a caring, hardworking, dedicated and incorruptible.Chickasaw County needs leadership!  Dennis is determined it is time to stop raising taxes 22 percent!Dennis Litterer will bring:• Common-sense government!• Accountability for spending and hiring and for tax base versus population growth!• Focused use of taxpayer funds to lower overhead costs and bring value back to our residents!• Increase job training through targeted advertising and promotion of events and local landmarks.• Develop a “hot-spot” to encourage and incubate new small businesses!• Connect state initiatives to county priorities!Dennis will work hard to grow Chickasaw County!Please VOTE!  And when you vote for Chickasaw County District 1 Supervisor, vote for Dennis Litterer!Thank you and may God bless you,

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