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Spouse makes her pitch for Hackman

My husband, Jacob Hackman, is running for Chickasaw County Supervisor, District 3.  He is ready to be a voice for all people in Chickasaw County, both urban and rural.  He will listen to all Chickasaw County residents and bring everyone’s voices together to be one as a county.  Jacob is a hard worker and will go out of his way, put his own things aside, to help anyone and everyone.  He believes our county can prosper in so many ways, not only for all of us, but for all the precious generations to come.  Jacob is not afraid to stand up for what is right, do the right thing, and be honest.  Community and faith are very important to Jacob.  He thinks community involvement, throughout each of the towns in the county, is a key factor for our whole county to grow and prosper.  He volunteers at many community events and at the school for different activities.  His faith and attendance at Good Shepard Cluster Church brings him closer to his community members and strengthens his faith.  Jacob has had many leadership experiences on different volunteer boards and committees, which have put him in a great position to be a county leader.  He is aware and knowledgeable about many current issues that he is willing to address and help work towards the best outcome possible.  Communication is a key role in leadership and he is very open to talk with and listen to all Chickasaw County people.  He is prepared to find ways to take burden off of our county taxpayers and be more conservative with the budget.  He is a sixth-generation family farmer, born and raised in Chickasaw County, with strong grassroots, a love for agriculture, and a drive to make this county be the best it can be for his four daughters and all other county residents.  He wants nothing other than what is best for all communities, all county members, young and old.  I am writing today in hopes that everyone in Chickasaw County, District 3 (Richland township, Dayton township, Ward 2 and Ward 3 of New Hampton), will highly consider supporting and voting for my husband, Jacob Hackman, on November 8th.  I know he will put his heart into making our county not only great for us, but for all of the precious generations to come!Please vote for Jacob Hackman for Chickasaw County Supervisor, District 3, on Nov. 8.

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