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Kudos to the Carnegie for bringing Iowa jazz band to city

I found it surreal last week when I realized at the jazz concert put on by the Carnegie Cultural Center that I was reporting on students from the very college, the University of Iowa, I attended.Some may have been there during my time, we may have passed each other once in awhile on campus, or maybe not, but here I am – in the real world – doing my job, just thinking how they have yet to graduate and move on with their lives.They are still enjoying the learning, rushing to classes, taking tests – and still have their whole lives before them – and here they are in little New Hampton. What a small world!I was also amazed to listen to these talented musicians and thought how that was one thing I never crossed off my list during college – attending a concert. I had many friends who did, but I never had the drive to make a concert.I was in the band during high school – well some of high school – and while I loved it as a social aspect and another extra curricular activity to add to my lengthy list but I most certainly never had the passion.I was lucky to have excellent teachers that kept me involved and learning, and understanding when I came to lessons having practiced very little if at all, but knew learning the clarinet and saxophone would be something I wouldn’t continue outside of high school.These young students, however, chose the path and boy have they put every ounce of themselves into their playing.Their solos showed their talents and willingness to show off in front of a room of strangers – a feat that takes not only ability but also guts.You can see the passion radiating out off the young students as well as the hours upon hours of practice you can just imagine they do whenever and wherever they could.Kudos to the Carnegie for bringing this group to town for the strong crowd that came out that night obviously excited for a new activity to attend.The attendees nodded along with the music and the standing ovation said, ”Please give us more!”I, for one, look forward to see what the Carnegie Cultural Center does next! 

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