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Chamber looks to create new, more efficient area website

Lead Summary

 The Nashua Area Chamber of Commerce members are currently working with Breakthrough Web Design in Mason City for a new Nashua chamber website which would be able to link to other websites in the area and keep the public informed of all events.The Chamber held a Saturday morning breakfast in the park for Water Over the Dam Days celebration and made over $400 which will be used for future projects in Nashua.  There were about the same amount of people as last year.Chamber President Terry Hinrichs received a package from the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus which contained tickets to sell and posters for advertising purposes. Chamber members will begin hanging posters around town and tickets will start going on sale soon.  Also, on July 27, Skeeter the Clown will be in town from the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus to help promote the event.The School Sector position of the Chamber was filled by Nashua-Plainfield Junior High and High School Principal Erik Smith but with him leaving, the chamber needs to fill this vacancy soon. The chamber is looking at possible candidates and will be deciding soon on a new member.The chamber will also be recognizing new area businesses and ones that have remodeled this week. Pictures will be taken with each business owner along with chamber members that will present a certificate from the chamber. The Little Brown Church has asked for a few chamber members to serve root beer floats during their annual Marriage Reunion weekend that will be held on Aug. 6. Chamber members will volunteer their time for a few hours to help out the community and welcome visitors into the area.The Nashua Area Chamber of Commerce meets every month and always looking for people and businesses who are interested in joining or helping the Chamber.  Find out more by talking to any current member or Terry Hinrichs.

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