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Hooray for fall even if we know what’s coming next

Yay for fall! It always takes me awhile to get into the swing of things and this time it bit me in the behind.I wasn’t quite ready just yet to take on warmer clothes and the changing of the seasons got me with the flu! Bummer! But I am over it, my closet is switched over to my long sleeves and jeans and I am ready for some pumpkin spice lattes!One of my favorite things about fall is that all my shows are back! I am overwhelmed with the things to watch on TV or more like watch on DVR because I am never home in time to see them on TV.My favorite? Grey’s Anatomy of course! I have been with this show from the beginning and while there is definitely something lacking — McDreamy aka Derek Shepherd aka Patrick Dempsey — I will continue to watch until the very end.Can you believe they are on season 13? That makes me feel old. ..I suppose so does September marking another birthday for me — the big 26! I know some of you may think this is still young but I went to my first chiropractor appointment this year!While the changing of the leaves hasn’t quite happened I have noticed that they have begun to fall to the ground, which makes me happy as well. Don’t you love the crunch of leaves under your feet? Maybe I can be happy because I don’t have to go around raking them anymore!Now for the scary part about fall — winter is right around the corner people and man does it sound like we need to prepare! It sounds like this winter could be a doozy and let’s just say I’m not a fan of the snow! Yuck!Driving in it — yuck. Walking in it — yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.But let’s not think about that just yet!

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