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A time for remembering loved ones we have lost

 Loving memories are what help families and friends deal with a death of a loved one. Nashua residents have had many chances to look back on the memories of the ones who passed in the last month. Many were gone too soon and others lived a full, rich life. Either way it is never easy when you get the notice someone you know is gone.Death is the last thing most people want to think or plan but it is something which all of us have had to deal with and explain to our children. Whether it is the young or the elderly, no one is really ever ready when the time comes.In the last month we have had the unfortunate task of sending flowers, going to wakes and funerals and Jason was a pallbearer for one. Family, friends and community members gather to remember all the great times and memories but there will always be that emptiness and loss which will stay with you for the rest of your life.Friday evening I logged on to Facebook after another day of loss for our family. The first post was, “When someone you love dies, it changes your life forever. It is not something you can ‘get over,’ the loss now becomes part of who you are.”Even though this was the last post that I wanted to see it is true for many people in Nashua this month. We will go on with our daily lives but rarely show the pain and emptiness that we feel inside even though it is there.I have heard many sayings in the last month like “Heaven has gained another angel for their choir.” “God always gives us rainbows after thunderstorms.” “May God’s peace be with you in your time of grieving.”Many sayings for a difficult time in our lives but we have to remember this is a part of life whether we like it or not. Let’s just hope the summer gets better and no more unexpected phone calls.RIP to all who have been taken from us. We are left with the memories of our loved ones to help us through the rest of the summer.After this last week though, I can say without doubt many stars will rise in the sky tonight and will be watching over all of us.

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