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Stop the negativity and give Nashua City Council a chance

I have been a lifelong resident of the Nashua Community and am very proud to have been able to call Nashua my home. Over my time living in Nashua, I have seen many changes to OUR city both positive and negative, most recently in a negative manner.Yes, I have been here long enough to remember the grocery store on Main Street, the one lane bridge, many thriving industrial businesses and of course the use of the lake and also the years with no lake.I have had the pleasure to build a couple of businesses and sell one of the businesses, which is still one of the few remaining on Main Street.  I’m currently a school board member and have volunteered my time for many other organizations, events and groups. I only give my resume to make the statement that I have a stake in seeing Nashua grow and thrive.Our current city council is made up of individuals that actively campaigned (door to door) to get support of our community for change.At election time the community spoke up and got out to vote for the individuals seeking election in support of progress.It was a huge win for Nashua right? Progress! Now it is 18 months later and all the support has turned into negativity and for what reason? Is it because we don’t see progress? Is it because we don’t have Main Street full of thriving businesses?My question to all the “Negative Nancy” individuals is, did the community get in its current state in 18 months? NO, it took 18-plus years for the current state of the community, but you expect progress in 18 months?Progress is going to take time and I’m sure that there are many areas that people have differing opinions on where to start. The City has taken down many abandoned homes and has started the process for buildings on Main Street.We have more buildings in our industrial park than we had 18 months ago. I would say we have made progress towards bettering this community from where it was 18 months ago.It is going to be a process and we must trust that process to be successful in our future as a community.I personally have not been to a city council meeting, but I have spoken with council members about the direction of our City and I’m confident that they will get our community to a progressive state.If you think that after 18-plus years of seeing a business slowly fail and not stay progressive can be corrected in 18 months, you are mistaken.Many successful businesses have failed and rebounded to be very successful companies and I see that happening with our Community. Progress doesn’t come without some setbacks and mistakes.  Leadership is tough because you are always questioned about your decisions, especially when there is failure. But without Failure there will never be progress and if you want to stay in the same old habits then don’t expect improvement. I applaud the current council for looking at a different approach to improve our community.To all the negativity, there will be elections coming soon and you can get out and campaign for what you believe to be a better way. Otherwise, support our current council in their efforts for progress.

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