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Say ‘yes’ to our youth during Feb. 7 vote

Each day in our department, New Hampton Parks and Recreation, we continue to work to provide good quality programs for the youth in our communities.  The programs we have today are nothing like the programs we had over 100 years ago. The same goes with our school curriculum and its facilities.  The ways of teaching 100 years ago are no longer the ways of teaching in today’s world.  With the changing ways of teaching come the changing ways of how a school facility is built and used.  The youth in our school district deserve to have a good, 21st century facility to go to every day to get the education they need. This project I believe will benefit nearly every student in grades PreK-12.  I no longer have children in the school system but when I did, taxpayers at that time paid so my children could have a good facility to go to school in.  Now is our time to do the same and pay it forward!On Feb. 7, we need to vote yes for our youth!  Let’s show the youth we believe in them!  Let’s show them we believe in our community and want them to raise their families here some day!

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