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Recent edition of the Tribune sends mixed messages to our young people

After reading the April 4, front page article, “Event is winner for TRIBE Trail,” then “In the end, it's the little things that matter most in life” on page A4, did any other subscribers to the New Hampton Tribune think “What really is important when it comes to the health of our young people?”The front page of the Tribune reported how successful the fundraiser was for the TRIBE Trail, the recreational trail to improve the health of the citizens of the community, a trail to keep the young and old active and healthy.  I think this is a great project and Rick Kramer and lots of other community members are doing one heck of a job promoting it. In contrast, Mr. Fenske reports in his column that New Hampton had a wrestler that was “relentless” and “tough as nails” because he could be a “winner” even if he (and the adults responsible for him) disregarded his health and put the sport first.How many more of our young people (and adults in their lives think it is ok) do this for the glory of the moment?This was Mr. Fenske’s opinion, but I get the impression that this is also the opinion of a lot of New Hampton’s adult community members.Sports are important in the New Hampton community.However, I feel we are sending mixed messages to our youth when a project, such as the TRIBE Trail, is a huge success then on the succeeding page a young person is put on a pedestal for wrestling with an injury.It is time we take a step back and think about the message we REALLY want our young people to hear and believe in.  It is our responsibility, as the adults accountable for them, to instill the importance of taking care of their bodies even if it comes with, what some would perceive as, a MAJOR disappointment in their lives at that point in time.In 2007 I attended a Parent Connection session that Dave Price (a former liaison officer in our district) was a speaker.One thought he shared that night was, “more important than teaching our children how to win, we need to teach our children how to lose, so they know how to deal with life’s disappointments.”

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