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Now it’s our turn to stay positive

It seems there has been a lot of negative talk and false facts being spread lately on the upcoming school bond election.  As a community, it is our responsibility and duty to stay positive and not spread false facts.  It is our time to step up to the plate and vote YES on the upcoming school bond election.  The cost of building new facilities is only increasing each year we put this off.  Perhaps positive improvements to our community would help not only the community members currently living here but those looking to move here, have a more positive and supportive outlook on our community.  We have many good things going for us here in New Hampton, Ionia, Alta Vista, North Washington, and Lawler and our school facilities needs to be one of them.I am retired and have not had a child in my local public school for 15 plus years, yet I will vote yes!A yes vote may impact my income slightly, but ultimately it increases my home’s value, ensures I live in a safe neighborhood, and attracts families to live and work in our community.  Retired community members supported school bond elections when my children were in school.  Now is our time to do the same!

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