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Have faith, for God’s plan is better than ours

If you have the Tribune’s annual Visitor’s Guide, "In And Around Chickasaw County," turn to page 50 and there you will see a little baby looking forward wide eyed and very much secure in her dad’s arms at Trinity Lutheran Church during its Wednesday evening LIGHT service.The faith of a parent lives on in the lives of their children and this little girl, and as long as she continues to attend services such as this, she will go forward in faith, hopefully into a world that is more secure than it is today.A world where care will be given from all to all people as you see the care of the little girl on the next page touching the shoulder of the child statue as well as the two girls smiling, shaking the hand of our veteran soldiers who have had a part in keeping America secure for us to this time.Last week the United Methodist Church Jurisdictional Conference  was held in Illinois and at this conference there were in attendance all cultures, orientations, there were male, female, elderly and young.All people, all walks of life laughing, talking, hugging, helping one another. No lines drawn and I thought, "This is the way God wanted His world when He created it.”There is so much going on right now around the globe with the unrest, uncaring, ridiculing, harming and not to omit killing.It is a world where people are turning away from God and I say; we need to turn to God, we need to ask God to forgive us for our wandering (because this desert that is our world right now will become more dangerous if people do not).We need to turn back to God where the turning away has happened and we need to pray to God that He through our prayers will guide the hearts of the people everywhere to all connect one with the other.Humanity needs to push the pause button on prejudices, on judgements and hate toward others just because they are not like us. Each person different, that was God’s plan. A good plan I would say.If we take the time to care like the little girl touching the shoulder of the child statue or the two young girls shaking the hand's of our soldiers who have taken the time to serve God and country, then the little baby in her dad's arms will be able to look forward in faith as she lives and grows in a  secure world.The arms of a father keeps his child secure and safe, the arms of our Father will keep all of us in the safety net of His care.I commend the dad of this little child for standing with her in this picture of peace in this faith setting at Trinity Lutheran Church looking forward into what I hope is a future of peace.That is what God gives to us when we turn to Him. God's plan for our world is not what it is but instead what it can become.Have faith!

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