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It’s time to retire Steve King from Congress

It has been 14 years since Rep. Steve King was first elected to the U.S. House and it is time for him to go. You see him in the news once in a while, but not often for something good, rather for some outlandish thing that has come out of his mouth.  King compares immigrants to animals, claims white people have contributed most to civilization, keeps a Confederate flag on his desk, and claims girls can’t get pregnant from incest/rape because he has never heard of it.  On top of that, King has been ranked by InsideGov as the least effective member of Congress.  Iowa deserves better! Our country deserves better!That is why I am supporting my friend Kim Weaver for Congress. That is also why so many people across our district support her, Republicans, Democrats and Independents.  I met Kim about four years ago and what struck me about her was that she is a very hard working and passionate person.  I know that Kim will work hard for Iowa as she has worked hard throughout her career; taking care of people with disabilities and protect seniors. And she has worked hard to raise three accomplished kids — an aerospace engineer, one in medical school, and another studying geology.  Kim is working hard for our votes.  Relying on small donations for her campaign; she has traveled throughout the 39 counties she would represent, driving four hours after a day of work twice to come visit us in New Hampton.  Iowa deserves someone like Kim Weaver.  Someone who believes in common sense solutions to the challenges we face and that will fight to end the partisan gridlock in Congress.  Someone who will fight for ALL Iowans, regardless of their background. Kim promises to fight for affordable education, good paying jobs, energy independence, and to protect Social Security and Medicare.  She has even put together some plans to tackle the issues; which you can read about on her website,  That is why I support Kim Weaver for Congress and I hope you will too!

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